“I'm not letting the number on the scale define who I am anymore!”

Yes to above. It's always difficult to cut carbs, but doing it. e.g. Sausage, asparagus & mushrooms for dinner last night. Pushing the water ....yoga & lots of walking for exercise. Plus joined planet fitness, lift weights avg twice per week. My husband retired and we live in Plainfield MA in the woods. My kids moved away so we spend time visiting them. Life has changed for me, as life does. It's all good. Really needed this boost to climb higher with my health. ...and there you were. In less than a week I’m down 2lbs. I am encouraged and truly grateful. Check in with me. OK, I just want to take a minute and share my 15 day results. Against by better judgment I decided to weigh myself this AM. I haven't moved number wise of the scale and the old frame of mind in myself would have seen this as a failure, then I decided to take a picture and compare that way. I feel great and I'm not letting the number on the scale define who I am anymore!"

“My workouts are super intense and my focus is amazing!”

I'm checking in after my third straight day on Keto os. Here it goes - I've had the best sleep I've had in years, yes years! My workouts are super intense and my focus is amazing! I'm not craving sweets, the proof of this is, there's been a box of chocolates on the counter and I've not had the desire to open it! My biggest weakness, potato chips, no problem! The only negative is that I've been hungry the past two days. I think it's because I haven't packed enough for lunch. Scale hasn't moved but I look and feel less bloated.

“Still flying high with tons of energy!”

Still flying high with tons of energy and very little appetite! Down 2# since Saturday

“Try this Keto drink mix, it works!!!”

I have been beyond tired today, falling asleep in a morning meeting & painfully tired & starting to feel depressed. About an hour ago I drank my first Keto drink. I started with half a pack of chocolate swirl caffeine. About 10 min ago I realized that I am just working away even making a joke to my co-worker. It then occurred to me that I was no longer feeling tired! I am drinking my other half, I don't feel 100% yet but I only had 1/2 for my first time! I am BEYOND excited.....I have been exhausted for 6 months!! Try this Keto drink mix, it works!!!!

“Everyone is doing really well!”

Really good ! I think I lost 5 lbs already. Everyone is doing really well. Some questions later.

"If subsequent days are like this keto day, I'm hooked!”

If subsequent days are like this keto day, I'm hooked. Had low sugar diet, Keto drink, and at Ashfield lake the best work out in years. Kicks were amazing, Arnis fluid, swimming rigorous, all on much less food that I normally eat.

“I really didn't believe it was true until I experienced it for myself!”

Say what?!? Just shy of -10 lbs. gone in one month, one month!!!! I haven't seen that number in over a year🙀. But, get this, my body changed and dropped fat so much faster than the scale. On Day 21, I had already dropped a size, wore a bikini proudly to the beach and could see my abs again, but the scale had only dropped -4lbs. In the past 10 days, the magic has really started cranking...I can almost see my 6-pack and the scale plummeted🙀!!! It's called "The Fat Whoosh" and I really didn't believe it was true until I experienced it for myself!!!! Imagine if I would have stopped at Day 5 when I really didn't feel any different? Or Day 10, when I still wasn't seeing huge results??

“They are all loving the experience and seeing results.!”

My husband has had 4 years of recuperation...heart and knee operations. Knee operations that went badly. So no walking for months, no physio. Weight gain. Too many meds/antibiotics/ pain meds. Feeling just awful. This KETO-OS has been a miracle! He has no more bloating. His gut is much reduced and he has lost almost 15 lbs in a month. Took the pressure off his knees and he is walking so much better. We just spent 2 hours in the park...walking! On uneven ground! At the Art in the Park event at the nearby lakeside town, Port Dover. My granddaughter. 13 and chubby. Teenage skin issues. And now, full braces! What next? (From the sounds of it, you know those struggles.) She and her Dad, are using KETO-OS. She has lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks! And her skin is CLEAR! Can you imagine the relief! And the excitement of going back to school in another 2 weeks about 15 lbs lighter and clear skin? They are eating the keto diet. No bread, low carbs, etc. As well as the drinks. My son works on an assembly line at Toyota..9 or 10 hours a day/night. He too has lost 10 pounds and is feeling well. His wife is also using it. They are all loving the experience and seeing results. The best, of course, is to eat the keto diet AND the drinks. It works. It simply works! And the cravings are gone. Eat no sugar and there are no sugar cravings! There were donuts after church today and Dixie Dogs/Pogos and butter tarts at the park. I had no desire for any of it. Oh, I myself have lost about 11 pounds in 5 weeks. And heading for more. I can do it. I have no cravings but have not lost my appetite. Just not in between meals and never after 6PM until morning. This has become part of our lifestyle now. I am cooking and serving keto style. It's not bad. And if ever you DO eat some kind of sweetness, it's a treat! With no desire to eat 2 or 3! Or keep on eating just for the pleasure of eating! Thank you for this redirection in our lives!