Yes, Keto is better for Fat Loss #sorrynotsorry


Ketogenic Dinner

Have you been hearing a lot about the ketogenic diet and you are just confused? Good reason! People think they are doing it ( but they aren’t, come on now, are you really checking your blood with a ketone monitor?), fit pros are slamming it or loving it, “the research” says this and that.

What exactly the f is going on??

Lets break this down. Ketosis is an evolutionary adaptation to get us through periods of no to little food. Think about it; no grocery stores on the tundra. Our ancestors needed a way to get through famine, hence nature gave us ketones. When we go into periods of starvation and break down fat for fuel, ketones are a by product to protect us in important ways like; muscle preservation, mental clarity and alertness.  Whether we have food or not, we still have to either run away from predators so we don’t die, or run towards prey so we can eat. Everyone enters some level of ketosis during normal sleep. If you stopped eating and drank only water, it would take 12-24 hours for glycogen to be depleted in your liver. Ketosis would happen as a glucose sparing strategy resulting in the metabolism of ketone bodies.

Let’s talk about ketone bodies. They are really freaking good for you! They are muscle sparing, mental fog lifting, mood enhancing badasses. Ketones help you outrun the saber tooth tiger;  scientifically, ketones are water-soluble compounds that are produced as by products when fats are broken down for energy in the liver and kidney; even your own body fat! (You don’t have to just eat fat to produce ketones because you probably already have enough fat on your body) They inhibit the release of insulin and stress hormones so your blood sugar stabilizes and your anxiety decreases. Yup, no more hangry.

The ketogenic diet is hands down the best way to lose fat and build muscle but lets be real; no one is really going to eat 80% fat and stay in ketosis all the time. Just stop it!

There are two pretty big things you can do to get the benefits of ketosis without being on the ketongenic/no-one-can- do-it diet.

Eat a Modified Ketogenic/Mediterranean diet.  Sometimes your body is producing ketones and sometimes it isn’t and you are in calorie restriction. One of the earliest studies done by Paoili et al. on the modified Ketogenic diet demonstrated a significant reduction of; BMI, body weight, % of fat mass, waist circumference, total cholesterol, LDC’s, trigclyerites and blood glucose. I used this grain free, 45% fat diet in my gym for five years, closely monitoring fat loss and muscle gain and the results were unanimous; people lost fat, gained muscle, and found the diet not just easy to comply with, but delicious.

Drink Ketones. Yes, for real. Now you can get the benefits of ketones without being on a keto diet.  Drinking ketones has been proven to aid fat loss and muscle preservation, give fast and sustained energy, reduce brain fog, increase focus, suppress appetite, gain strength, and better your mood, sleep, and digestion.  So, you feel better, eat less, and your muscles are protected from you body breaking them down for energy. Go Ketones!

The bottom line. Your days as a sugar addict are over. I will be so bold as to say that 99% of what ails us comes from us eating a diet high in sugar and simple carbohydrates and just way too much of it.

Modified Keto diet and Drinking Ketones is the slam dunk solution.

Its just better. It just it. The research is real and opinions are like, well you know, those things that everyone has, everyone has one.

If sugar is why we are fat, any sustainable program that eliminates sugar and what turns to sugar ( yes, bread and potatoes) from our diet is how we stop being fat.

Simple. And easy.

Trisha Selbach

Want to know more about drinking ketones? Check out this short video http://trishaselbach.experienceketo.com

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Paoili A,et al. Nutr J 2011:10(1)112.

For more research see The Ketogenic Bible, Dr. Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery, PhD



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  1. Wow , the first time someone has made this easy for me to understand. I want to give up sugars for good , I don’t want to be addicted to anything except living a health happy life ❤