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The simple 5 step solution to ditching diets forever

Learn what actually works to shed fat and gain muscle Want it ?!


Build Muscle and Get Strong Safely

Learn how to safely lift weights and gain muscle for body composition, longevity, and injury prevention. 

Lose body fat

Forget diets that don't work and crazy workouts that go nowhere. Strength training with proper nutrition works every time. 

Learn proper technique

Learn how to lift so you will never be intimidated by a gym again. 

Prevent injury with functional fitness

Develop good movement patterns so you can be strong and confident in your life. 

Reach your personal goals

Your program is customized to YOU. While I specialize in weight loss for women over 40, I can help you reach your own personal goal. Want to bulk up guys? Got it! Want to become a better rock climber? I got you. 

Gain confidence

Unlock your inner badass when you realize how strong and powerful you really are. 

Get Results with a Womans Strength and Weight loss Specialist

Build your dream body with me as your guide. I have over a decade of experience in helping women get crazy fit. 

Learn how to reach your physique and performance goals with proper nutrition and exercise. Ditch the diets and wacky workouts. 

Learn the basics of strength training along with fun functional movements using kettlebells, barbells, steel clubs and more. 

Who's Behind This Program?

Trisha Selbach is a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher and fitness entrepreneur who’s worked with thousands of women throughout her decade + career. If you’re frustrated and overwhelmed from the diet craze, jump off the rollercoaster and join me for lasting change. 

For more information email me [email protected] or call 802-376-9020

Shoutout to the BEST Personal Training Coach, Trisha Selbach!📣 In just 3 weeks, I have lost almost 10 lbs and have strengthened to the point of lifting double the amount of weight! No gimmicks, just her education, motivation and encouragement along with my relentless willpower and desire! Even from across the country, she has helped me in so many more ways thank I could have imagined! Thank you, Trisha, for being an awesome badd@ss


"I just wanted to say thank you to Trisha. I've lost 40 lbs so far. Getting my physical health back in order it's amazing how it's connected!"


I have never been someone who has worked out/exercised in my adult life.  I had to start from scratch.  Trisha helped me with that.  She was always positive and encouraging with me.  In the weeks that followed I progressed to be able to lift heavier weights and do certain exercises I never thought I’d be able to do in my life.  I feel so good.  Trisha makes fitness fun!  Her knowledge base about what to do with not only exercises but with supplements/diets is top notch.


"I can put my chubby jeans away, they fall off and my belt is on the last hole. I know that changing what I eat has given positive results. Thank you Trisha for all your hard work, tools, and prep talks and videos. You're a huge inspiration to me"


"Trisha really helped me, a woman over 50, post menopausal, and heavier than I'd ever been in my life, lose weight and gain confidence. I love the fact that I feel good on and off the bike."


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