Read this book before you start another diet or step foot into the gym.

The one thing you must do to lose weight, get strong, and thrive at midlife. 

Are you tired of fad diets and temporary fixes that don’t last? It’s time to embark on a journey of lasting change with “Uncomfortable ” your comprehensive guide to transforming your mindset and achieving healthy, sustainable weight loss in middle age!

Master Your Mind, Master Your Body

Discover the power of this one mindset shift in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Break free from limiting beliefs and develop a positive mindset that supports your weight loss goals.
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Lose weight and never gain it back

Learn how to build habits that last a lifetime. “Uncomfortable” empowers you to make lasting changes from the inside out , making weight loss a natural part of your everyday routine.


Hormones and weight gain

Discover the science behind menopausal weight gain and learn effective strategies to work with your body’s changing chemistry.
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Get lean and toned

Unlock fitness routines designed specifically for women in menopause. Learn what works best for your body.
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Eat for weight loss

Learn how to build habits that last a lifetime. “Uncomfortable” empowers you to make lasting changes from the inside out , making weight loss a natural part of your everyday routine.

Real stories, real transformations

Read inspiring stories from individuals who, just like you, transformed their bodies and lives by shifting their mindset. Learn from the experiences of hundreds of women and apply proven strategies to your own journey.
“Your online content was one source of inspiration, but this is on a whole different level! I'm proud to be able to support someone with such a passion for REAL WORLD fitness. You're as down-to-earth as it gets, thank you for everything!”
- Cantrell Johansen
“Trisha is a witty writer, just as she is in real life. Her commitment to her own health journey is inspiring and can light the path for other women. Frustrated with menopause and your changing body? Dive in here. The medical profession often leaves women out in the cold to just figure it out on our own. Trisha is on our side and has great advice for your mind and body. She's a warrior!”
- Trina Gray, Gym Owner, Fitness Presenter and Elite Beachbody Coach
“Changing thinking and behavior for the better can be uncomfortable. This concise book makes NOT changing even more uncomfortable. Selbach's style, as authoritative as it is personal, serves more than food for thought, it delivers fuel for action”
- Geof Kane, MD
“Trisha uses personal stories from when she was an out-of-shape mother, her transformation after her marriage dissolves, her early days of exercise boot camps, her burgeoning interest in working out and learning to teach others, and her lengthy experience as a personal trainer to inspire everyone to get in shape. She doesn't alienate anyone with specific exercise or food recommendations but details behind-the-scenes struggles that will appeal to anyone needing a change. I appreciated how well the book was proofread; this is not a sloppy product.”
- Ginger Healy

about the author

Trisha Selbach is a NASM certified personal trainer, weight loss specialist and transformation coach to women over 40 who are ready to take a no BS approach to losing weight, getting strong, and living a long, vibrant life. She is a high energy, no nonsense personal trainer, gym owner, and creator of the Heart Core Chicks transformation program who has helped hundreds and hundreds of previously frustrated yo-yo dieters lose weight, keep it off and discover a well of strength they never knew they had. As a previously overweight and tired mom,Trisha brings compassion and lightheartedness to an otherwise heavy topic filled with judgment. If she isn’t out in the wilds of New Hampshire on her Harley, you can connect with Trisha on social @trishaselbach.com or visit her website www.trishaselbach.com

This book is for any woman who has

Struggled with weight loss
The itty bitty shitty committee in her head telling her she isn’t good enough
Started and stopped exercise plans that were just no fun
Wondered why weight loss gets so much harder as we age
Is done wasting time and wants results NOW

Support on Your Transformation

Myself and my dedicated support team are ready to assist you on your journey to a healthier mindset and body. Have questions or need guidance? I am a real person, contact me anytime!

You will learn

The most important change you need to make is this simple mindset shift
Tap into this superpower so weight loss becomes play not pain
The tools hundreds of women have used to lose weight and keep it off, even during menopause
You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams and you can have the body and life you want

Ready to get to work?

Money back guarantee, if you don’t like the book, send it back and I will return your money, no questions asked.


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